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The Feldenkrais Method has been Maximizing the Brain/Body Potential for more than 60 years! Watch Video Below


The Feldenkrais Method®

Get a substantial rebate on the costs of growing old!

Kelly’s teaching of the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes has helped me win a substantial rebate on the costs of growing old. The particular thing that has helped me most is a far clearer understanding that the musculo-skeletal body is a system, with each part able to profoundly influence any other part. It should be obvious but it ain't until somebody raises an awareness, which Kelly has done extremely well.

Bob Thompson age 74, retired writer and editor

Don't push the river, it flows by itself...

I love the Feldenkrais Method and am so glad I found it. Feldenkrais has changed so many things not only personally but in my work as a bodyworker. While working, I encourage myself to pay more attention to what my body is experiencing. The practice has alerted me to chronic tension holding patterns and given me the tools to release them. It is amazing. The philosophy is revolutionary since it encourages rest when overdoing or tired, less is truly more and to focus on the inside, not the outside. Nearly opposite what our culture demands. The relief from pain and chronic stress is amazing. And speaking of amazing, Kelly is a wonderful, sensitive, articulate and careful instructor. Her rhythm is conscious and attuned to the class and each individual. Her voice becomes a nurturing reminder to "not push the river, it flows by itself". I think she is an inspired teacher. Don't miss an opportunity to study learn from her and practice with her.

Tina Goodrich bodyworker/artist

Feldenkrais has empowered me

The biggest thing I’ve gotten from Feldenkrais is a sense of empowerment. When I think I have no way out of pain or when something feels impossible to overcome or change, I know I have the tools to try all these Feldenkrais movement experiments and I find options that I didn’t know were even there.


Feldenkrais changes the way I see the world.

[Feldenkrais] is amazing. [Kelly] has a certain intelligence that [she] brings to the work, different than those teachers who just offer a wrote routine. The movement that we do together is such a wake up call for my body. I feel such an openness and it changes the way I see the world. It’s like I am completely accepting my whole I am feeling an awakening in parts of myself that have not moved in a long time. [These lessons are] like waking up. After very little effort there is such a sense of length and relaxation, as if the floor has come up to meet me. What is most gratifying, though, is that it is mine. I created this feeling within myself.

Eileen Otto age 90