10-11 AM


MAY 1 – JUNE 5


JULY – AUG Summer Break 


6-7 PM


MAY 2 – JUNE 6


JULY – AUG Summer Break 


7-7:30 AM


MAR 22 & 24-APR 26 & 28

MAY 3 & 5 – JUNE 7 & 9 
JULY – AUG Summer Break

If you can’t join us live, RECORDINGS are sent out weekly and stay live for 1-2 weeks. You can do the lesson when it works in your schedule! 

The Gift of Awareness Through Movement

Movement is essential in releasing the body patterns of anxiety, stress, grief, worry…

One of the gifts of a Feldenkrais practice is broadening our capacity to know thyself. To learn, not only better movement, but better ways to think, adapt, create and be with the challenges of living a full life.   

There is a synergy when many people simultaneously are connecting deeply with themselves. And in this creative space we breath more fully, we discover potential that was not previously imaginable, we mitigate fears of helplessness and open doors of resilience and hope we didn’t even know that we had.

Verbally Guided Movement Puzzles

Prioritizing the quality of the movement rather than the achievement of it, students engage their curiosity, let go of will and solve each puzzle in their own timing.  The learning is fun, challenging and often times surprising. Slowing down and reducing your efforts, you will investigate and discover unconscious preferences and habits of action.  Whether you are interested in getting rid of everyday aches and pains, improving your  athletic or artistic performance or coping with a chronic health issue…

FELDENKRAIS WILL EMPOWER YOU to become your own teacher. Students of the Feldenkrais Method are endlessly astounded that doing less can lead to so much more flexibility, power, spontaneity, ease, freedom, ability, joy…..

The Importance of REST

The rest in an ATM lesson is a vital part of the learning process.

  • gives our brain a chance to notice what has changed as a result of the movement experiment. 
  • gives us a chance to refresh our attention. 
  • gives us time to notice our breath and our contact with the floor.
  • gives us a sense of rejuvenation that inspires renewed interest and curiosity in what we are exploring. 
  • is a vital part of the creative process.

For this reason, I build in pauses in my teaching schedule. 


  • You can join through the FREE online platform ZOOM. Simply download the ZOOM app on any device: tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop. 
  • If you can set it up so that I can see you that is helpful but not necessary. 
  • Classes are 6 consecutive weeks. 
  • Monday and Sunday are 1 hour lessons. Tues/Thursday include one lesson spread over two 1/2 hour days. 
  • The theme or focus of each series will be determined by those registered. 
  • Missed classes can be made up at the other live class time during the series or from the link to the recording that can be accessed for the week in which it was taught.
  • In order for a series to fly, we will need a minimum of 7 people registered. Invite your friends!


6-week class series are priced on a sliding scale based on your access to resources. 
If you identify as upper or middle class, are currently employed at a stable salaried position, own a home, have a vacation budget and/or have limited debt, please consider the abundant access to resources price level. 

Abundant Access to Resources: $93 online payment or $90 cash/check
Sufficient Access to Resources: $62 online payment or $60 cash/check
Limited Access to Resources: $31 online payment or $30 cash/check

If your financial circumstances become difficult because of lost work hours, loss of job due to things being shut down, inability to work due to family medical leave or sickness due to the coronavirus come to class anyway. Send a check and PAY WHAT YOU CAN even if that payment is in the form of doing something for someone else in need. 


To pay by check please make payment to
FMA-STL and mail to: 
Kelly Feder
3228 Ivanhoe Ave.
St. Louis, MO. 63139 

Pay by credit card HERE
Please fill out REGISTRATION before you pay. THANK YOU.