Chronic Pain & Trauma

Chronic and Persistent Pain Pain can hijack a life, demanding our attention and bossing us around. Slowly, but surely, our self image, who we are… Read more

Musicians & Singers

Musicians & Singers Professional violinist talks about his experience with the Feldenkrais Method® VIDEO – CLICK HERE Professional singer and Feldenkrais teacher, Karen Clark talks about… Read more


Actors “One of the things that appeals to me about acting is that it requires that you engage your entire self: physically, mentally and spiritually.  So… Read more

Neurological Applications

Neurological Applications Because the Feldenkrais Method is a learning process, it has a wide application. Here is just a sample of situations where people have… Read more


Athletes Every action, includes your whole self. As an athlete the more efficient and economically you use yourself, the less injuries you have and the… Read more


Dancers The Feldenkrais Method is an invaluable tool for dancers to not only hone their skill but to prevent injury. Dancers are accustomed to strenuous training… Read more