The Feldenkrais Method is about learning! 

For most, no one teaches us how to roll over, crawl or walk, but we do it! Through a process of exploration and sensing ourselves in relation to the world, our curiosity and intention guide the process. As babies, we don’t know how to fail, we just try again and again and again. And each experiment, whether it achieves the intention (i.e. to grasp the toy) or not begins to create a repertoire of movement options for us to build upon into functioning adults. 

Along the way we develop stories about ourselves. We categorize ourselves into athletic or not, mathematically challenged or gifted, lucky or unlucky, hard working, gifted, creative, struggling, in pain, accident prone…..  

Have you ever watched a baby learn something new? They fail many times, and then the moment they succeed it is pure joy. This learning process can be activated at any time in our lives, but often, our stories (that we are not good enough or we can’t do it right, or we are in too much pain to succeed) and what we believe to be true about ourselves, get in the way of becoming who we want to be. We tend to look for answers outside ourselves rather than exploring the questions within us and being content to grapple with not immediately knowing. We turn our attention to others rather than to ourselves. 

Ask yourself this:

1. Am I doing the things I love in my life?

2. Why not? (That’s your story!)

Is it time for a new story? 

Your brain is a learning machine. It thrives on nuance, novelty, noticing differences. Come learn your way into a new story of you. Feldenkrais…is all about you…..ONLY BETTER!