What will we do?

Follow pain-free, easy movement.
where movement is safe and easy.
your nervous system time to recognize differences and illuminate habits.
variations, new possibilities.
Trust the process of exploration

Why exploration?

Exploration invokes curiosity.
Exploration negates right and wrong.
Exploration exposes blind spots in our thinking, self-image, habits.

Habits of muscular tension.
Habits in what you think is possible.
Habits of moving and functioning in the world.

Why is it called a lesson?

The focus is on creating a context for learning and discovery. Through the process, your difficulty or limitation changes or disappears as a result of your learning.

Why not just teach me correct movement?

Who will correct you when the teacher is gone and your trouble or ambition is something new?

During the lesson, I will:

Listen to you.
Use gentle touch to move you.
Observe movement travel through you.
Trust your intelligence and your ability to learn.
Emphasize what you already do well.
Introduce variations and new options.
Clarify the relationships between all your parts.
Respect your timing.
Provide a supportive lens through which to experience your whole self.

You will have the opportunity to:

Learn to listen to yourself in a new way.
Learn to recognize and interrupt habits of muscular tension.
Learn new ways of moving & thinking to master difficult feats of action.
Create the conditions of healing within yourself.
Learn to navigate out of pain.

Learn how you learn.

Functional Integration Lesson with Scott Clark, Feldenkrais Practitioner in London