JULY 20-22, 2018


There is nothing more personal, more human and more foundational than VOICE, BREATH and POSTURE. We begin life with our first breath, making sound unique to us and spend many developmental hours learning to carry our skeleton onto two feet. Through a lively interplay between the Linklater and Feldenkrais Methods®, participants will explore and improve the dynamics of their voice, breath and posture. 




ENGAGE with your audience, employees, or clients with a POSTURE and sound that EXPRESSES confidence and GRAVITAS


Do you breathe? Do you move in the world? Do you talk?

Then this workshop is for you.

Have you ever heard your voice on a recording and wished it sounded differently?

Have you ever wished you felt more confident before you went into an interview or important conversation?

Have you ever wished you could sustain better posture?

Have you ever been talking in a conversation and no one seems to hear you? 

When you become aware of some of your habits of breathing, speaking and moving you can change them. When your posture changes, your breathing changes. When your posture and breathing change, your voice changes. When you have options, you have more freedom to be who you want to be. Immersing yourself in a weekend of sensorial exploration can have a profound impact on your habits, your sense or yourself and who you are and what you can accomplish in the world. It can change your mood, your outlook, your dreams. Come explore and find your full potential. 

This course will have a blend of Awareness Through Movement lessons and Linklater Technique lessons. No one has to perform anything. It is designed for you to be in your own space of self exploration. 


Central to an actor or singer’s craft is the use of their creative instrument, both body and voice.
Would you like to…

  • discover more ease and spontaneity in your acting?  
  • find your natural voice and refine the quality and nuance of your tone? 
  • achieve better posture with less effort? 
  • sustain a note longer with less strain? 
  • embody thoughts or emotions through a more expressive bodily instrument?
  • discover more ease and spontaneity in your acting?
  • develop your creative process through sensorial exploration?
  • enrich your tone with greater agility in your facial structures? 


Anyone who uses their voice to command their world, or speak up in their community can benefit from understanding the dynamics and details of its inner workings. 
Would you like to ….

  • convey more confidence and power in your speech? 
  • express self-assurance in the way you carry yourself into the room?
  • be heard without yelling?
  • capture attention without effort and strain?

Kristin Linklater says, “If your voice is caught in old, protective tones of justification, well-developed prevarication, false strength, pretended weakness, unreal brightness, breathy defensiveness, these tensions in vocal behavior can be relaxed and you can regain the fullness of your naturally expressive voice with the Linklater Voice Method.”


If speaking is your livelihood, wouldn’t it be great if it got easier, and conveyed a fuller you?

  • Is the quality of your voice holding you back from success?
  • Does your voice get tired after a day of speaking?
  • Is your voice dull though your ideas are exciting?

Through the dynamic blend of the Feldenkrais Method and Linklater Technique you will free unnecessary tensions in your body that lead to vocal and postural strain. Many of these are unconscious habits of concentration, anxiety, etc. As you become aware of effort and relinquish these old habits the ease in speaking and relaxed, balance of your posture will make a day’s work rejuvenating and enlivening, rather than tiring. 

Corinna May Teaching

Arlyn Zones

graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais’ last training program in 1983 and has been practicing the Method for over 30 years. She received her Trainer’s designation in 1994.  
She first began studying the Linklater Method in 1972 as part of an actor’s training program. The curriculum she created focusing on the voice has been included in nearly all of Feldenkrais Resources trainings in San Diego & New York, as well as numerous trainings in Australia. Arlyn has an MA in Theater Arts.

Corinna May

has been a Designated Linklater voice teacher for 12 years, a professional actress for 30 years, and is currently an assistant professor of Voice and Speech in the MFA program at Pace University. She completed the Feldenkrais Guild training five years ago and is a core member of Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. Corinna is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Barnard College/Columbia University and Circle in the Square Theatre School’s Professional Actor Training. 

The Feldenkrais Method®

Awareness Through Movement lessons consist of a series of gentle, ingenious movements 
which are verbally directed and exploratory in nature. The lessons help clarify the full range of possibility for human movement and action. Students learn at their own pace, in a non-competitive environment. By utilizing the inherent intelligence of the nervous system, each person discovers new ways of using him or herself with more ease, grace and power. Dr. Feldenkrais created hundreds of lessons which focus on different themes or interconnections between the nervous system, the muscles, the skeletal system and our responses to the world around us.

The Linklater Technique

takes you through a series of step-by-step practical exercises that include relaxation, awareness of breathing, the experience of voice vibrating in the body, how to open the throat, the development of resonance and range, and the articulating activity of lips and tongue. As you awaken your voice consciousness you will discover the expressive potential of the human voice and release your own eloquence.

What people are saying…

Dr. Olga Yastrubetskaya, B.A. in Exercise and Sports Science, Honorary Associate Professor, Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age, the University of Melbourne, Australia

This innovative [course] by Arlyn Zones  and Corinna May brings together Feldenkrais Method® and Linklater Technique to enable people to  regain their ability to have natural, clear and  powerful voices, and to leave behind acquired less-effective habits of using ourselves.  I was amazed by the effectiveness of the program in improving the clarity and strength of my voice….I learned to remove strain from my neck, shoulders and abdomen, and to lengthen my posture. In this way my breathing and posture improved…. I sense and feel my body and voice differently now….

—Dr. Olga Yastrubetskaya, B.A. in Exercise and Sports Science, Honorary Associate Professor, Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age, the University of Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Belser, Master Voice Teacher Penn State University

Arlyn and Corinna offer delicate, finely crafted, and extraordinarily powerful lessons on the emergence of one’s breath and voice through the engagement of the whole body and self. This collection [of lessons] invites repeated listening into the spell of wisdom and accuracy cast by these big-hearted and masterful teachers. I felt gently and joyfully led by the hand through this work, sensing inward and outward toward vocal freedom, expanded breath, and a deeper presence living in my breathing and voice.

—Andrew Belser, Master Voice Teacher

Penn State University

Michele Lee Westlaken

This was such a fun workshop! If I lived on the east coast I would do it again in a heartbeat! Arlyn and Corinna have great chemistry and the workshop was entertaining, illuminating and very helpful. They put the FUN back in FUNctional!

Venue: International Institute

3401 Arsenal St., St. Louis, MO 63118


Friday 12-6 PM
Saturday 10AM-5PM
Sunday 10AM-5PM

Cost: $295

Early Bird Discount ended May 15th




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Cancellation Policy 

  • $75 non-refundable deposit to hold your space
  • Remaining balance due May 15th for early birds
  • If you are registering after May 15th, remaining balance is due June 30th
  • No refunds after June 30th


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