“One of the things that appeals to me about acting is that it requires that you engage your entire self: physically, mentally and spiritually.  So working on the craft of acting requires working on  yourself.  I think yoga and tai chi are pathways to working on the entire self.  My impression of Feldenkrais is that it is another pathway.” Bill R. Workshop Participant

“I physically feel stronger and lighter, more at ease in my body. Feldenkrais has opened up my posture and range of movement; my neck, shoulder and chest feel open and more elastic yet strengthened. I have an overall sense of using my whole spine in every movement.” Bethany B. Workshop Participant


At a WORKSHOP for ACTORS I offered students an opportunity to perform a short bit of text and then stop to do some Feldenkrais movement awareness and then repeat the text to feel and experience the difference. Here is a short example of how bringing awareness to parts of oneself that are quiet can help an actor embody a character more completely. Take a Look