functional integration

Functional Integration

Feldenkrais: Better than a vacation!

Functional Integration Lessons with Kelly are better than going on vacation!

Deborah B. , Retired Violinist St. Louis Symphony

Feldenkrais has helped my concentration

Feldenkrais has helped my concentration and I feel better! I like Kelly’s scientific explanations and the slow, gentle movements have made me realize the origin of my pain is different than I thought. Thanks.

Shondene , age 21, pre-med student

Less pain in my 60 year old back

Weekly Feldenkrais lessons, with Kelly, have given me more mobility and less pain in my 60 year old back. Something I never thought I’d have again after back surgery and months of physical therapy.

Jim P. , Minister

Feldenkrais lessons relieve my day to day stress

As a busy professional, I find these lessons invaluable for relieving my day to day work stress. My thinking is clearer and I feel more confident. It’s even improved the quality of my singing. I am so glad I found Feldenkrais!

Bob H. , age 35

Feldenkrais has empowered me

The biggest thing I’ve gotten from Feldenkrais is a sense of empowerment. When I think I have no way out of pain or when something feels impossible to overcome or change, I know I have the tools to try all these Feldenkrais movement experiments and I find options that I didn’t know were even there.


It is very rare for anyone to seriously enter (Kelly's) class that does not remain.

Thank you Kelly for all you have given to me and to our class.

Mary-Lynn Schaaf

Feldenkrais changes the way I see the world.

[Feldenkrais] is amazing. [Kelly] has a certain intelligence that [she] brings to the work, different than those teachers who just offer a wrote routine. The movement that we do together is such a wake up call for my body. I feel such an openness and it changes the way I see the world. It’s like I am completely accepting my whole I am feeling an awakening in parts of myself that have not moved in a long time. [These lessons are] like waking up. After very little effort there is such a sense of length and relaxation, as if the floor has come up to meet me. What is most gratifying, though, is that it is mine. I created this feeling within myself.

Eileen Otto , age 90