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“As a busy professional, I find these lessons invaluable for relieving my day to day work stress. My thinking is clearer and I feel more confident. It’s even improved the quality of my singing. I am so glad I found Feldenkrais!

– Bob H. age 35

“ Weekly Feldenkrais lessons, with Kelly, have given me more mobility and less pain in my 60 year old back. Something I never thought I’d have again after back surgery and months of physical therapy.

– Jim P. age 60 

“ Feldenkrais has helped my concentration and I feel better! I like Kelly’s scientific explanations and the slow, gentle movements have made me realize the origin of my pain is different than I thought. Thanks.

– Shondene age 21, pre-med student

“ These lessons are like waking up parts of myself that have not moved in a very long time. What is most gratifying, though, is that it is mine. I created this feeling within myself.   

– Eileen O., age 90

” Functional Integration Lessons with Kelly are better than going on vacation!

– Deborah B. , retired violinist