Why is it called a lesson?

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. set out to understand how we learn. His method, at its core, is a journey into learning how we learn. 

Feldenkrais is not designed to “treat” or “fix” your problem. Instead, we will create the conditions for you, through the brilliance of your nervous system, to learn something new. The benefits, of finding your way out of pain and having more ease in your life, are simply a bonus of the practice. 

Your brain is designed to learn. In fact, it thrives on learning new things throughout your life time. Dr. Feldenkrais understood, well before his time, what science now proves is the neuro plasticity of the brain. This simply means YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS! With the right conditions your brain will continue to learn and grow. 

Feldenkrais lessons can be experienced in two ways:

INDIVIDUALLY ONE-on-ONE called Functional Integration (FI) Lessons FIND OUT MORE

GROUP CLASSES called Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons FIND OUT MORE

FELDENKRAIS WILL EMPOWER YOU to become your own teacher. Students of the Feldenkrais Method are endlessly astounded that doing less can lead to so much more flexibility, power, spontaneity, ease, freedom, ability, joy…..