Feldenkrais St. Louis in the NewsThe St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured the Feldenkrais Method on the front page of its Health section! Click here to view he article online: New Health Movement Targets Self-Awareness. (October 2012)



With Feldenkrais You Can: 

  • Improve Skills and Performance
  • Relieve Pain (chronic or acute)
  • Enhance Flexibility and Balance
  • Gain Coordination and Strength
  • Prevent and recover from Injury


  • a 36yr old learns to walk without knee pain after 15 years of chronic pain in her joints
  • a baby with a brachial plexus injury learns to use her arm
  • a 70yr old plays PAIN FREE on the floor with her grandkids despite bulging discs and spinal stenosis
  • a 22yr old professional dancer finds mobility in her ribs improving her arabesque
  • a 34yr old runner improves her mile time after learning to run with her whole self
  • a 55yr old migraine sufferer gets sustainable relief from chronic pain
  • a 5yr old regains mobility in his elbow without stretching or pain after being in a cast
  • a 41yr old in a high stress job finds Feldenkrais classes the most relaxing apart of her  week
  • a 63yr old avoids back surgery after learning to coordinate her core
  • a 42 year old computer programmer with incipient wrist problems is able to increase his speed on the keyboard after learning how to use his arms and hands more efficiently
  • a 28 year old woman goes through her third pregnancy, but the first one without back pain
  • a 55-year old woman is able to lift her affectionate 2 year old granddaughter without straining her back
  • a 40-year old cellist becomes so creative in developing new, less strained positions to play in that she able to extend her musical repertoire.
  • a 9-year old with learning disabilities can read a full page competently and gains self-confidence in his intelligence.
  • a 19-year old diver is able to visualize and perform the complex series of movements needed to accomplish an intricate endeavor more proficiently.
  • a 78-year old man walks a mile daily, free of chronic knee pain he’s had for 30 years.
  • a 32-year old man learns to reuse his hands after a crippling auto accident.
  • a 22-year old man with a brain tumor who has struggled with balance all his life, learns to get up from the floor with grace and ease.