Success Stories

What participants said about Bones for Life®

These classes have changed my life...Denise, 57

“I’ve never been able to stand for 2 and 1/2 hours so comfortably before in my life. The movement intelligence of these classes has changed my life! I can’t wait for more in 2014. “

Denise Devereaux, Special Education Teacher

....I love the flow and variety....Barb

“Bones for Life was awesome! Despite the limitations in my hips I’ve been walking so well. Just to be on my feet for two and a half hours was a miracle. My hips loved the wrap!!  I was surprised at how much support they gave.  You are an excellent teacher. I love the flow and variety of activities so we don’t get bored or unfocused, it keeps us on our toes. I think the St. Louis region needs this option for health. I’m very happy that you are offering it.

Barb Rain, retired teacher

... I will never be the same (for the positive)...Meghan, 34

“I am so glad that I signed up for this series, I am really loving learning about my body in this way. I don’t think that I will ever be the same (for the positive).  Honestly, this has effected how I walk, how I sit, how I read a book; a hundred times a day I move differently because of this awareness.  I also have become so much more aware of my lower back and my tendency to hyper-extend and stress this area and am now knowledgable about how to reposition myself, so that I am comfortable and strong.”

Meghan, a self-described 34 year old sleep-deprived mother of a 10 month old whose body is feeling the wear and tear of slinging a 20+ pound baby around all day.

...It was wonderful...Carol, 47

“It was the fastest 2 1/2 hours of my life! Thank you for making me more aware of the subtle movements of my spine and keeping me connected to my body in its relationship to the environment/world. Now I can “feel” what it’s like to be “grounded”. It was wonderful! I’m looking forward to the next [workshop].”
Carol Rechtien, Massage Therapy Student, age 47

...I experience more movement and less pain....Renee, 53

“There are so many subtle surprises during the exercises and afterward.  I have noticed that when I am walking, I have a bit different stride….  I feel the movement throughout my spine. I experience more movement and less pain in my neck. The combination of the Bones for Life® and the Feldenkrais® classes have been very helpful. I am very hopeful that with my diet, calcium intake, exercise and the lessons from Bones for Life®, my next bonescan will show improvement.”

Renee Billman, 53  dance teacher

....I feel more stable, in better alignment....Ruth, Occupational Therapist

“Kelly, you are an excellent instructor and I am really enjoying the class. I truly enjoyed doing the wrap with the long cloth.  It really made my body feel more stable, in better alignment and secured.  I hope you continue to have these classes, they are wonderful.”
Ruth, Occupational Therapist

... I could visualize my spine...Janet

“As I was practicing yoga in my class today, I could visualize how my spine was moving, thanks to your demonstrations with the skeleton. I had a new awareness.”

Janet recently diagnosed with osteoporosis

...It was fun and revelatory at the same time....Leslie, 65

“Thank you so much for yesterday – I started to feel a difference immediately. I feel more ‘space’ in my spinal column, more flexibility and a much greater awareness of the fact that bones are living tissue and need to be taken care of and respected.  I so appreciated the information about the rib cage not being a cage, but a moving structure. I was surprised at how much I learned and really enjoyed the entire experience.  It was fun and revelatory at the same time.”
Leslie Caplan – age 65, musician with osteoporosis

What is Bone-Deep Strength?

This is a great video demonstrating how our skeleton can support our muscular strength. Take a look. video

What do people say about their experience with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes?

“As a busy professional, I find these lessons invaluable for relieving my day to day work stress. My thinking is clearer and I feel more confident. It’s even improved the quality of my singing. I am so glad I found Feldenkrais!                     – Bob H. age 35

“ Weekly Feldenkrais lessons, with Kelly, have given me more mobility and less pain in my 60 year old back. Something I never thought I’d have again after back surgery and months of physical therapy.                     – Jim P. age 60 

“ Feldenkrais has helped my concentration and I feel better! I like Kelly’s scientific explanations and the slow, gentle movements have made me realize the origin of my pain is different than I thought. Thanks.                            – Shondene age 21, pre-med student

“ These lessons are like waking up parts of myself that have not moved in a very long time. What is most gratifying, though, is that it is mine. I created this feeling within myself.                          – Eileen O., age 90

“Kelly’s teaching of Feldenkrais helped me win a substantial rebate on the costs of growing old.”  -Bob Thompson, age 74 , writer